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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

This year we are launching a massive charitable initiative to help the disadvantaged populations in Kenya! We shall designate container space in each shipment that we'll fill with charitable contributions to be distributed across the country Kenya.

We'll work closely with our customers, friends and well-wishers with whom we interact with often to ensure the project is a success. As we go on our pickups, we shall request for a small bag of clothing or toys which we'll then consolidate and prepare for the voyage to Kenya. The items off-course will need to be in good gently used condition for the recipients to benefit.

We shall also encourage our Customers and well wishers to recommend institutions that they know of to see whether they can benefit from this initiative. We off-course cannot promise that we'll serve every single one but will certainly try our best. This is a pilot program and we've honestly realized that we could already have been doing this on a bigger scale. So! even though we've sent stuff before to contribute, not much emphasis and effort has been put towards it. (I know don't judge me - I feel guilty already) I mean, we work with charitable organizations and individuals who often send things with us and are very happy with our services; but now we realize our position and the impact we could make in our beloved country.

We want this initiative to work flawlessly with not politics and other negative aspects that could hinder the process. We want people to know and understand our spirit which is purely to help the less fortunate members of our community.

We're kicking off this initiative immediately so when you see us or this message feel free to contact us or throw something our way to help other individuals less fortunate than yourself.

Cheers & God bless you!

Thanks so Much Abel for supporting our cause, We're truly humbled by your Kindness and support.

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