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We pickup at your home or business for a minimal fee. We consolidate and prepare the shipment for voyage to Kenya. Upon Arrival we contact our customers who will pickup their packages at our Kiambu rd location in Nairobi. At request we also deliver countrywide including neighboring Uganda.


We handle all customs and duties. So once you pay for shipment in the US you're assured of your package getting to its destination without incurring any additional fees.


In Addition, we track the packages every step of the way. Upon arrival at the port of Mombasa we are there to inspect the goods and to make sure they get to their destination safely.


At Homeland254 Logistics, We aim to Enrich the lives of disadvantaged children in Kenya. Thus Every customer that ships a package to an orphanage or children's home in Kenya receives an automatic 10% discount on their package. Terms and conditions apply.



Our Commitment is to provide an opportunity for individuals in the USA to be able to transport their goods in the safest, fastest and cheapests way.


Typically We ship every 2 months. Our frequency will change to once a month in future.


Current voyage is per posted Schedule and goods get to Kenya in 3 Months

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