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Cant believe its May already. This year has gone by so quickly. With everything thats going on in the world today, We feel fortunate that we can still operate and transport stuff for our clients. We honestly and truly appreciate our shippers. It's rewarding of the bond that we form with our customers; it results in friendship in most cases.

Anyway, It's Charity time, a humbling feel good event that gives us a sense of purpose. Improves our public image as we do whats second nature to us. It's not much but its something. We've got a couple of Walkers, Commodes, Clothes, Toys and Wheel chairs to donate. We got them from friends, Customers and well wishers. We Shall also take some foodstuff and supplies to various Children's homes across Kenya.

These items will be distributed in June of this year so feel free to contact us if you know anyone in need.

More to come God willing and We hope to one day form A Charitable organization.

Call me directly 610-969-5177.

Be Blessed.


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