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Annual Charity Drive 2020

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

With the Pandemic it goes without saying how tough this year has been. And as usual we're conducting our annual charity drive with the beneficiaries being children's homes in Kenya. This Year we did it a little different by asking people to nominate needy homes then we'd select 2 or 3 through a raffle.

We've received 18 requests across Kenya - and a suggestion to ask people to help for a more impactful campaign.

Honestly for our company this is incredibly overwhelming on our limited resources. We already have our people on the ground gathering all the data and the information coming back is quite dis-hearting and emotionally draining.

In one such home we found that the children had been evicted through a bitter land dispute and were being housed in temporary quarters and an uncertain future. In general as one would imagine, much is needed in terms of food, school supplies, toiletries, sanitary supplies, school fees and much more. But more importantly, is giving these children a sense of hope and assurance that someone somewhere cares. They need love and compassion, they need protection and not have to worry about being harmed or abused. God knows what these kids have been through. We applaud the staff at the homes for the great work they're doing - but they can only do so much with the resources they have. Not to mention dealing with the emotional bit of the job. These people are heroes.

They shared their stories of despair with our people who reported back and we listened quietly as our hearts ached. Whether we succeed or not this year we're determined to make a difference and hope that others can join us in this very noble cause.

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