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A Picture worth a thousand words!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Our Vision!

Whats is your vision? What is your purpose in life?

We chase fame and fortune everyday in our daily lives and we forget the bigger picture. Whilst listening and reading the books of Dr. KN Nganga I have learnt quite abit about life. I'm inspired and focused. And with that I can lead our initiative in the right direction. With time and experience we have a renewed purpose and direction. Dr Nganga says pursue your purpose and the rest will follow. As we transport goods for a our fellow Kenyans we realize our role is crucial. We hear it from them as their loved ones rejoice at receiving much needed essentials from the USA. Charities benefit with our designated charity space in our container. We really feel good about ourselves and have a sense of accomplishment once the items arrive and distributed. We are looking into the future and sky is the limit as long as our purpose remains intact. Our hearts are full and minds at ease - We have reached.

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