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What Motivates me!

Updated: May 26, 2020

I remember the time I almost lost my life after falling off the Truck in charlotte, NC. I was driving North from Florida on my way to our warehouse in PA picking up goods along the way. Man solo, drunk with adrenaline, As if I was some kind of superman. I often did this run twice a year at the insistence of my customers in Florida who did not have have a reliable shipper. Cathy one of my customers in Tampa pleaded with me. And you'll learn about her and her initiative in the coming posts. She was the 'coordinator'. I love Cathy - See, with her limited resources, she would put together a shipment that was worth my coming to the area. She'd ran up a campaign in Florida to make sure there would be a reputable Kenyan Shipper to regularly service the Area. On this trip in late October, I fell behind schedule and was rushing to finish my pickups for the day. My goal was to service Florida and NC,

then proceed up North to the other States and finish in PA. So when I got to to Charlotte, NC, I called the customer and told him to put the barrels outside for a quick pick and go! Well, that's not how it went and I wish Dennis would chime in to explain how I tumbled several feet trying to load his cargo onto the Truck. He even tried to helplessly break my fall. In the moment we both thought the worst. He helped me up and vigorously massaged my severely sprained wrist. With his sister they gave me first aid and sent me on my way to complete my quest one handed. I called the rest of the pickups and informed them that there was an accident and requested that they get help to load their cargo onto the truck. That night I looked for the nearest Hotel and spent the night in agonizing pain. Wrist heavily bandaged and popping advils like tictacts. With God's grace I somehow completed the journey with pickups in MD, DE, and parts of PA. As I met up with the rest of my crew who were doing pickups in Mass; they couldn't believe it when I pulled up to the warehouse with the 16 footer as they completed their offloading. 'Bro what happened? Is it broken? they asked.


Its February 2020 and here I am again with Dennis loading the same barrels. Bitter sweet and a hearty laugh as we reminisce the events of that late October evening a year & a half ago. This time I was careful off-course loading the Barrels. Thanks Denno for your loyalty and support!

And Finally Delivery!

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