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We pickup at your home or business for a minimal fee. 


We handle all customs and duties. Pay for your Consignment in the US and We handle the rest.


At Homeland254 Logistics, We aim to Enrich the lives of disadvantaged children in Kenya. 10% Discount on Charity Shipments

We work with schools and Various charities transporting their goods in the safest, fastest way

*Sale Ongoing on Popular Barrels & Boxes
Sale ends October 2024

July 2024*
Pickup Schedule*

Sat: July 13th ~ Massachusetts, New England Area

Sat: July 20th ~ MD, DC, DE, Phila, Harrisburg. 

Sat: July 27th: Florida, NC - Southern States. 

(Book your space 1st Come 1st 
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or any online store using our US address.


Have the items shipped to us; We Consolidate and ship to Kenya for you. 

Call 6109695177 or email for instructions

Now doing Air for Small packages/ Electronics, Gadgets, Clothing and General Merchandise. 

Visit our Prices tab for more info


Recent customer testimonials 

  • How long does it typically take for goods to arrive in Kenya?
    3 Months sometimes more depending on socio-political situations and reshuffles at the Kenya ports. We do not recommend this service for urgent shipments or if you're in a hurry, Nevertheless we do our best to adhere to the schedule. We also keep you updated every step of the way.
  • Do you provide Insurance and what are the liabilities?
    Our liability for loss or damage is limited to your actual damage or loss or $200, whichever is less. Your're at liberty to seek 3rd party supplemental coverage. We are also not liable or no compensation will be offered to any item deemed unworthy or not conforming to Kenya Bureau of standards regulations that is confiscated or condemned. Others liabilities include but not limited to: Omissions, insufficient package securing. Loss or damage to Ships by natural disaster or events out of our control including but not limited to Nature, war, piracy, public enemies, act of public authority among others.
  • Are the items inspected or verified?
    Yes. The US government and Kenya government will sometimes randomly stop and inspect cargo. We are not involved in such inspections and is solely at the discretion and will of the authorities. At the Kenya port all goods must go through verification. This involves opening the goods at random to verify it is indeed the items listed on shipping manifest. This process can be painstainking and sometimes messy. We do however make every effort to include company representatives to ensure goods are returned safely in packages and resealed.
  • What are your areas of coverage and typical schedule?
    We service the entire East Coast From Florida to Maine and parts of Midwest. In West Coast we have a partner company listed in our homepage. We collect every other month and a schedule is always posted on our homepage.
  • How do you price the goods and what are the limits to what I can send.
    We have a posted prices tab that outlines the cost. But in general its about $28/cubic FT. Calculated - LxWxH (inches)/1728 to convert to FT. We specialize mainly in General household merchandise, Certain dry foods in small quantites, Machinery, Clothing, etc. You may contact us for a full list or specifics. *Also note this is a prepaid service, full payment is due at items acceptance. No Credit*
  • Do you pickup and deliver at the destination?
    Yes we do pickup for a fee and once the goods arrive there's also a delivery fee depending on where the goods are going in Kenya.
  • What are some of your biggest challenges that you'd like the customers to know?
    Shipping to Kenya is an extremely complicated process and many companies have tried and failed. We sometimes encounter delays and every shipment is different depending on the situation at the port. We encounter massive redtape and institutional challenges and change in regulations at the ports. Despite this, we must ensure that goods are delivered.
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